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Copyright and trademark law


1. Liability for the website content
Berolina GmbH does not guarantee the makes no guarantee that the information provided is up-to-date, correct or complete and accepts no liability for its quality. Liability claims against Berolina GmbH with respect to material or immaterial damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information provided or from the use of erroneous and incomplete information are in principle excluded provided there is no proven wilful or gross negligence on the part of Berolina GmbH. All proposals are subject to change and non-binding. Berolina GmbH expressly reserves the right to modify, extend or delete parts or all of the website and offer without specific notice, or to temporarily or permanently cease publication.

2. Liability for references and links
Where there are direct or indirect references to other websites (links) outside the scope of responsibility of Berolina GmbH, there is a mandatory liability only where Berolina GmbH and Kraftjungs GmbH are aware of the content and they could technically and reasonably prevent access to illegal content. Berolina GmbH and Kraftjungs GmbH therefore expressly state that at the time of creating the links, the relevant linked sites were free from illegal content. Berolina GmbH and Kraftjungs GmbH cannot influence the current and future design and content of liked/associated websites. They therefore herewith distance themselves expressly from all content of all linked/associated websites which are modified after the link has been created. Liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and in particular for damage arising from the use or non-use of such information rests solely with the providers of the websites referred to and not with the party merely providing links to the relevant publication

3. Copyright and trademark law
Kraftjungs GmbH makes every effort to observe the copyright of all graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts used in all its publications, to use its own graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts or to access licence-free graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts. All trademarks and brands mentioned on the website and which are protected by third parties are subject without limitation to the provisions of all applicable trademark law and the ownership rights of the registered owner. The sole fact that such trademarks are cited does not indicate that they are not protected by third party rights! The copyright for items published by Kratjungs GmbH itself remains solely with Kraftjungs GmbH. The publication or use of such graphics and texts in other electronic or printed publications I not permitted without the express consent of Kraftjungs GmbH.

4. Data protection
Where the website allows personal or company details to be entered (email addresses, names, addresses), such data is divulged by the user on an expressly voluntary basis.

5. Legal effectiveness of the provisions
The limit of liability and the copyright and trademark law provisions along with the data protection stipulations are deemed to be part of the website from which reference is made to this website. Should parts or individual wording of the regulations specified above fail to, no longer or not fully comply with the applicable legal situation, the content and validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.